Online Journalism

This semester, I am enrolled in a class called Online Journalism. During this course, I will be updated this blog biweekly about topics like social media, news stories and other various topics relating to journalism and the media. I am eager to being working in this class. We will be learning about web design and other interesting topics. I don’t have much experience in the web design field and it is always beneficial to expand my skills. Overall, my posts will be relating to social media and Public Relations, and other things relating to the mass communications field.

I am a Public Relations major and I am always interested in the ways social media and technology affect our society today. I am fascinated by how much technology and media have changed our society in such a short amount of time. In my lifetime, social media has been developed and expanded rapidly. My parents grew up in a time when the internet did not exist, and now it is something that we use every day without even realizing it most of the time. The internet and social media are so second nature that we do not even realize how connected we truly are. In August 2012, I went on a cruise with my family and wasn’t able to use my smart phone for a week. It was so nice to not constantly be focusing on my phone and to be able to spend real, quality time with my family without worrying about what was going on everywhere else.

I will be updating this blog regularly about everything going on in the media.

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