2014 Grammy Awards

Tonight is the live broadcast of the 2014 Grammy Awards! Performers and songwriters will have their talents recognized tonight and the change to win music’s most prestigious award. This year is the 56th year of the Grammys, and they have certainly evolved over time. Today, the Grammys have their own Twitter account that has 1,248,347 followers. Fans will be able to tune in around the world to the red carpet and then the broadcast and voice their opinions via social media using the hashtag #GRAMMYs. Record breaking numbers tune into the show-in 2012, it pulled in 39.9 million viewers and in 2013, there was a slight decrease to 28.37 million viewers. In recent years, the Grammys, like most award shows, have become and interactive television broadcast. Opinions will be shared every second tonight on social networks like Twitter and Facebook. Viewers will be able to communicate with other viewers and sound off on whether or not they agree with the artists chosen to win each trophy.

Social media makes award shows more interesting to watch. One of my favorite things to do is “live tweet” award shows. I share my opinions on outfits, performances, and the chosen winners. Major award shows like the Grammys have adapted to the growing social media platforms. They are interactive on Twitter with their followers and they promote the use of their hashtag to encourage viewers to watch and share. This is necessary to the success of the broadcast. If the Grammys did not adapt to growing technological advances, they would lose viewers. Watch with me tonight at 8pm on CBS and share your thoughts on your Twitter! Don’t forget to hashtag #GRAMMYs!

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