Getting employed

As a junior in college, a lot of my free time has been spent thinking about what I’m going to do post-graduation in less than two years. Conversations with my peers seem to revolve around internships and goals and what comes next. The other day, I saw an article in my Twitter feed that was really helpful and informative called “The ultimate social media guide to getting a job.” It started off with a  statistic: 93% of employers say they search your social media profiles when considering you for a job. Then, it lists different tips for each social media site and how to make them professional and pleasing to potential employers. This is a topic that is very important to students my age. We are constantly on social media. Our online footprint is greater than any generation that came before us, so it is important to make sure that these profiles aren’t going to hurt us when searching for a job. Here are some of the tips that they recommend in the article:

For Instagram, they recommend a username that includes your name and your profession, write a professional bio and add a link to your website or the companies website. You should post photos at conferences and photos that show your abilities. When it comes to networking via Instagram, you should follow prospective companies, use hashtags that the company uses and interact with industry professionals.

Many of the tips they recommend for Instagram are the same for Twitter. It is important to tweet articles relating to your profession and add your opinions about the article.

Facebook requires a little more polishing. Many of us have had a Facebook profile for several years, so it is important to delete old or inappropriate statues and photos. Post a professional photo and cover photo, and hide your political beliefs and religion to remain neutral. Connect with potential employers, join groups, and interact on a regular basis.

Check out the article to find more tips for Blogger and Pinterest! Always remember on any social networking site to think before you post! If you wouldn’t want a future employer to see it, it is best not to post it at all. Social media can hurt you when job searching, but if you act professionally online and follow these tips, your social media sites will only enhance your chance at getting hired.

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