For the past few months, I feel like my life has been consumed with internships. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to be an intern for Pennsylvania State Representative David Millard in Bloomsburg last fall which I really enjoyed! I learned so much, however it isn’t the field that I would like to work in when I graduate. Recently, I have been trying to find internships more suited to what I would like to do in the future to gain experience for after graduation. My goal is to move to Nashville, Tennessee and work in the country music industry. It is very difficult trying to find a job states away from where you live, and as I have been this process, I realize that I take the internet for granted. I would never be able to apply for jobs so easily in Tennessee from my home in Pennsylvania without the internet.

I also want to talk about the amazing thing that is networking. Since I have started college as a Mass Communications major, networking is something that I have heard about over and over again. One of the best skills you can have in this industry is networking skills. If I forget everything else that I’ve learned in college, I’ll remember how important it is to network. This week, this fact was proven to me through a real life situation.

My uncle, who is very personable, was at the gym in Wilkes-Barre and struck up a conversation with a woman next to him. After they had started talking for a bit, it somehow came up in conversation that she used to work in Nashville for two years, and my uncle mentioned to her that I was looking to live and work there when I graduate. She gave him her contact information to pass along to me, and so I contacted her. She no longer works in Nashville, but she has connections there and was kind enough to pass along my resume and cover letter to her friends who work in the business. I do not know if anything opportunities will come from it, but because my uncle went to the gym that night, I now have a new connection who could possibly help me further my career. Networking is always important, no matter where you are.


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