Tinder in Sochi

Many of you have probably heard of the dating app “Tinder.” It is an app that connects to your Facebook page and matches you up with people with common friends and interests. Essentially, you either approve or disapprove of the people who come up on your screen and if someone that you approve also approves you, it’s a match and you can choose to message that person to further the communication. Apps like this are similar to online dating, except for a younger crowd and with far more casual intentions. Nobody on Tinder is looking for a lifetime partner. 

Tinder’s popularity has reached across the globe to Sochi, Russia where the 2014 Winter Olympic Games are being held. On Monday, USA snowboarder Jamie Anderson gave an interview to US Weekly and said that the app Tinder is very common in the Olympic village for finding other athletes. She was quoted saying, “There are some cuties on there.” However, Anderson deleted her app because it was “way too distracting”, and thank God she did! Anderson won the gold medal in the Women’s Slopestyle Event on Sunday.

Apps like these have become increasingly common in our culture. It is yet another reason for our elders like to blame the breakdown of communication on technology. Many often say we do not date anymore, which is true in a sense. We do not date the same way our parents did. It is far more convenient for us to use social media, apps, etc. because that is primarily how we communicate. Whether it be right or wrong, if it’s good enough for Olympic athletes, it’s good enough for the rest of us. 


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