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During this blog, I have discussed several different ways that media and technology have grown, expanded and changed our culture. One new development that has happened with the popularity of the iPhone has been emojis. Now, emoticons of all kinds have been around for several years. In the days of email and instant messaging, smiley faces and other emoticons were very popular. However, the emoji app has taken the iPhone world by storm. People have emoji conversations via text message, and you can also find several emojis on your Twitter timeline as well. One thing I have noticed with the new emoji craze is that people often demand more. People want more variety and more to chose from and often complain that a specific emoji isn’t available to them. To satisfy this need in the marketplace, I would create a “Create Your Own Emoji” App that would allow users to edit the existing emojis and piece together pictures to create new ones. They would even be able to upload images and “emojify” pictures of their friends to allow completely one-of-a-kind emojis. We would also create a set of new emojis that would be released monthly for download so that emojis are always changing. I have spoken to several peers who have said that this is an app they would download if it was available. I have observed via Twitter the want for different and new emojis. These observations lead me to believe that this would be a successful application and that it would fill a void in the marketplace. Emojis are a fun, interesting way to add illustrations and life to texts and tweets and my app would only further the enjoyment of emoji usage.

Home screen of my app

Home screen of my app

"About Us" page of my app

“About Us” page of my app


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