Twitter updates

Twitter made an announcement on Wednesday about updates coming to the app specifically regarding their photo sharing. Twitter users always had the ability to share photos, but now you will be able to tag people in photos that you share and make collages directly on Twitter. In the past if you wanted other users to see a photo you shared on Twitter, you had to tag them in the tweet, taking up several of the precious 140 characters. Now, you will be able to tag up to 10 people in a single photo without taking up characters. It was only a matter of time before Twitter added this feature. Facebook has allowed photo tagging options for years, and Instagram recently added this feature as well. Tagged images will show up on the interactions page of Twitter just like regular Twitter mentions.

Another new update coming to Twitter is a collage option. Now you will be able to share up to four photos at once without using another app. Photo collages have become increasingly popular on all social media sites, especially Instagram. Twitter has made it easier for its users to create these collages by giving them the ability to create one without leaving Twitter. Normally, social media users would outsource to an app like PicStitch to make an up which then allows you to upload it to a social media site.

I think that both of these updates will make Twitter users very happy, even though they are relatively minor. It is important for Twitter to continue to adapt to what their consumers want.

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