Bloomsburg University students are buzzing with excitement today thanks to Krewella, a popular EDM trio, will be performing at Bloomsburg’s Nelson Field House this evening. Many students are a fan of this increasingly popular “electronic dance music” style that has swept the nation. As part of the Verge Campus Tour, Krewella will have two opening acts: a rapper, Logic, and an independent acoustic trio, Radical Something.


Social media has been a huge part of this event since the tour was announced in February. On the evening the concert was announced, Bloomsburg University Concert Committee told their Twitter and Facebook followers to retweet and like their post, respectively. A winner was randomly selected from both Twitter and Facebook and they won two free tickets. Ticket sales were also promoted on Facebook and Twitter. Then, another contest was announced. The Verge Campus Tour was giving the opportunity for a local DJ from Bloomsburg to open up for all of the acts the night of the concert. DJs were told to submit their mixes and then the public could vote. Ultimately, the decision came down to members of BU’s Concert Committee and employees from the Verge Campus Tour. The winner was announced yesterday–DJ Kaz who DJ’s frequently at Bloomsburg’s hotspot Hardware Bar. He is well known among students and very excited to open for such a large act like Krewella. 

Now that it is officially the night of the concert, Concert Committee has taken to Twitter to announce another contest. Concert goers can Tweet or Instagram their best pictures from the concert tonight using the hashtag #KrewellaBU and be entered to win a signed poster from the artists. Enjoy the show, and don’t forget to submit your pictures!!

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