I am the Vice-President of PRSSA or Public Relations Student Society of America. As a PR major, I joined PRSSA in the fall of my freshman year of college. Being involved with this club over these past three years has helped me so much during my college career. When I first started out as a member, I never thought I would have a leadership position but after my sophomore year, I was very eager to be a part of the executive board for the next year. Being an E-board member has allowed me to practice my leadership and organizational skills on a weekly basis, along with a variety of other useful skills. PRSSA gives its members hands-on experience to what we are learning in the classroom and allows us to put those practices to use in real life situations.

Although we are a small chapter, we do a minimum of two events every semester. This past fall, we did an event with Greek Life in order to maintain our relationship with them and allow them to have an opportunity to raise money for their philanthropy while simultaneously raising awareness for our own organization. During basketball season, we put on our second annual Balling for Buddies event. We team up with Best Buddies and plan an evening where they come to a university basketball game with their buddies and get VIP treatment. We make them VIP passes that they receive when they walk in the door, and they get to do a meet and greet with the team and get their autographs. This year we were able to provide them with pizza and snacks before the game. They always have such a great time at this event, and we love it too. In the spring, we do our annual Mr. Bloomsburg event which is a male beauty pageant for Bloomsburg students to compete in. We plan the entire event from start to finish and work with the National Broadcast Society (NBS) to make it successful. Not only do we plan each part of this event, but we also promote it to the students on campus. For our second event in the spring, we work with Best Buddies again for the Best Buddies Day at the Ball Field. This event is very similar to Balling for Buddies, except it is at a baseball game instead. We give them VIP passes, snacks and a few buddies usually get to throw the first pitch in addition to a meet and greet with the team.

In between these events, we do fundraisers and also practice our PR skills by listening to guest speakers and talking about how build a good resume and what a successful LinkedIn profile looks like. We also attend national conferences with other PRSSA chapters from across the country in order to learn and help our chapter grow and succeed.

PRSSA at the 2013 Balling with Buddies event

PRSSA at the 2013 Balling with Buddies event

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